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Welcoming Transitions

A big dream of mine has come to fruition! I have finally transitioned my practice to a lovely new space with a lot of beautiful light and gracious room for movement. After 9 years of teaching I have finally found a place to call my own. For those of you who have been to the new studio, thank you for your patience as I get everything up and running. The routine is new for me as well. I am hoping in October to feel a little more settled. For those of you who have not been to my new location, I am very excited to share it with you. I am now located in The Paxson Yoga Center in Studio C. (6840 S Macadam) My space has a great view of Willamette Park. I have loved watching the rhythm of the tennis courts, the meandering geese and all the people enjoying the park and paths. So many of my students arrive on their bikes or show up after a run or hike. Even some, after class, have gone off to enjoy a kayak on the river. My new studio feels like a great change and shift for all.

Fall Schedule

Starting in October, I will be adding some group equipment classes and mat classes. The mat classes will be in person and Zoom. I will be accepting a max of 8 students for in person mat classes. If you are interested in coming into the studio, you will definitely need to plan and book ahead. Booking will be available on my website. For those who prefer to Zoom, there will be a space to book online to register and receive the zoom link. For group equipment classes, there will be new classes available for you to book online. Maybe you are already part of a group class but would like to add one or more sessions. Or maybe you only take Mat classes and are interested in trying out a group reformer session. Now you can find availability online and book a session on your own. For those of you who take private classes, your schedule will pretty much stay the same unless I contact you with changes. For those of you that already have a set group schedule, your classes will stay the same and you will not need to book those times. If you are interested in taking a private session or setting up a class with a group, please contact me at Here are classes that will be available for booking starting in October. I may add or subtract classes as needed. Mat Classes Monday @ 10:45 Thursday @ 8:30 Group Equipment Classes Monday @ 3:00 PM Monday @ 4:30 PM Thursday @12: 30 PM Thursday @ 4:30 PM

Website Scheduling There is a tab on my website that says “Book Online.” If you do not have a normal scheduled class or you want to add a class to your week, you are welcome to “Book Online.” Classes that have availability for the week will list how many spots are open. Classes will be updated regularly. For those of you with class cards for Mat Classes, when you go into the Pay Online Section, please mark the circle that says "Pay in Person." Once you are booked I will mark your class card. This goes for Group Reformer students as well. As I am still working to fine tune things on my website, please send me emails if you have any questions or trouble with the scheduling system. Be patient, I am learning! You are welcome to check out the booking page here.

Pricing My pricing has not changed dramatically. Please review the pricing as it is a little different in terms of the packages you can purchase. Private $70 5 Sessions $325 10 Sessions $600 Semi Private 1 Semi Private $45 5 Semi Privates $215 10 Semi Privates $400 Group Sessions (Max 3 people) Group $40 5 Sessions $185 ($37 each) 10 Sessions $350 ($35) Mat $15 5 Mat $75 10 Mat $150 Credit Some of you may have mat classes that you paid for before I changed my schedule and before I moved studios. I will be honoring this credit. Cancellation Policy Please remember I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Sessions cancelled within the 24 hour time frame will be charged. Studio Information 6840 S. Macadam, Portland, OR 97219 (Paxson Yoga Center.) The cross street is California St. The building is free standing and faces Macadam Ave. directly across the street from the Buffalo Gap Saloon & Eatery. Please enter the building through the south door staircase at the street level. Or if you are a private client, park in the parking lot and enter through the door on the lower level. Days/Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Parking: There is a small parking lot at the location on Macadam, however it will be reserved for private clients and those who have permission to park there. For all others, there is street parking in the neighborhood. Socks: Socks are required in studio. If you do not have socks for Pilates, I will offer them at the studio for $8.00. Restrooms & Changing Area: There are two restrooms available. One does have a shower if needed. The restrooms are big enough to change in and there are cubbies and hooks outside of the restrooms for clothing to rest. Thank you! A big and warm thank you to my number one supporters; my partner, my parents and my kids! They challenge me everyday to be courageous, strong, and patient. I also want to send out a huge thank you to my best friend Cheyenne and her husband Jacob for gifting me their beautiful ADU so I could comfortably teach during the difficult days of the pandemic. Without their offering, I would not have ever had the courage to go out on my own. Their yard, ADU and chickens/turkeys, welcomed my clients during a time when everyone needed to get out and move! Finally, I want to thank all of my clients/students who have traveled with me from different studio locations, through the hard days of the pandemic where I was learning to teach online, and to another new location...across the bridge! (Oh my!) Without your commitment to Pilates and your love of movement, I would not have been able to step out on my own to search for a beautiful spot to teach and learn. Thank you everyone! I truly do love what I do and I am only able to do it because of all of you! As I settle into my new space I will be changing and shifting things. Please take a deep breathe and be patient with my nesting. This includes everything on the technical side as well. If you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns please feel free to email me.

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