The Weekend!

The weekend 

Oh my, who would have thought the weekend would be more challenging than the weekdays.  Last night I stayed up WAY TOO LATE waiting and watching for the Blazers to Kill it!  I was getting ready for bed and still had to do my 15 minutes.  I chose a nice settling workout that I actually did in my bedroom.  It entailed a lot of great stretches and movements for my shoulders, lower back, spine mobility and loosening my long legs.  I will list the work I did tomorrow so you can use it on one of those busy, long days where you realize at 11:00 PM that you haven’t done your 15 minutes yet.

Today I had a little more space and was able to stop in at the studio for a little “me” time.  This is one of the perks working at Springwater.  I didn’t stay long because there were littles waiting back at the house for me, but I did have time to change into some pilates clothes and use the reformer for a bit.  My goal was to do some side leg work.  I was able to get in about 30 minutes.  Above is a short video showing some of the side leg series.  This can be done at home, without a reformer.  You can use a stretchy band or just your legs.  This series is what I always talk about in class as something that you could easily do while traveling or just while your kids or animals are running around.  It is great work. 

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend.  I wonder if any of you have been inspired to do some of your own work at home? It will be interesting what I come up with tomorrow after celebrating Cinco de Mayo and a margarita! Things might get wild!