Some ideas!

He’s getting heavy!

He’s getting heavy!

Just a really quick mention of one reason I am taking on this challenge for myself. I am a 43 year old mom that has to be able to safely, effectively, and healthily carry this heavy munchkin around…everywhere!  I also have to keep up with my older two kids at soccer games, activities, and just everyday life.  After teaching all day and coming home to house and family stuff, my body is tired and feels the true effects of gravity.  It is my mission to fight this pull.  I need my muscles to support my skeleton so I can successfully move through life.  Heck, I have a soon to be mover, walker, toddler on my hands and I want my Pelvic floor to stay in my body!  

So second day in and it is 10:30 PM on Thursday night and I just finished 15 minutes and 30 seconds on my mat.  Yes, I was counting!  After another long day it was hard to take a moment to roll out my mat and move into Pilates.  I did put on my pajamas so after I type this I can pop into bed.  However, while I was doing my movements I did feel a calming and a bit of brain ease.  After my busy days I must admit it is hard for my brain to shut off.  It seems that doing Pilates for a bit in the evening helps settle things.  Try it….can you see a difference in your mood? 

Today I got to see a lot of you at the studio.  Some of you expressed interest in my little challenge for May.  You asked for some ideas on what to do at home for your 15 minutes of Pilates.  Below I will give you a list of ideas that can help strike some Pilates inspiration.  

First….Get your mat out. If you do not have a mat, a bath towel or blanket works just fine! Heck even just on a rug would work! (No excuses!) 

Start with the basics:

Pelvic Tilts

Leg slides

Shoulder bridges 

Shoulder shrugs

Angel arms (arm circles) 

Marching of the legs in table top

Head into:

100′s (10 breath cycles with pumping arms and stable legs and pelvis)

Roll ups

Single leg circles (bent knee if needed)

Spine Stretch forward

Twists sitting tall

Lay on belly for flight

Come to balance (on all fours) alternate legs and arms for balance

Cat Cow


Roll up and roll down

Side leg series

The exercises listed above would be a good start and maybe you only get through some of them.  Below are a couple links of Pilates websites where you can view videos and take classes.  They both have free trials.  I typically use Pilates Anytime to help me in my home practice.

Looking forward to hearing some of your experiences!