May - Time to Celebrate Pilates


MAY - Time to Celebrate Pilates!

It’s May! Spring time! A time to start fresh, begin new things, and celebrate Pilates. May is officially “Pilates Month” and it is celebrated all over the world with open studios, free classes, and many other fun activities to celebrate this lovely series of exercises that we have all become slightly, to say the least, head over heals for!

This May, I am bringing a bit of my experience to you. I want to share my love of Pilates, from my world, my view….as a busy mom, partner, gardener, cook, chauffeur (just for kids but I would be a great Uber driver!), soccer player (on hiatus at the moment b/c of pelvic floor status), hiker, sometimes yogi, silly, strong, hungry woman, always on the move person.

I know most of you hear me every week explore my love of Pilates, but I want you to know the why, how, where and what. Pilates is such an important part of my life, not only in the teaching realm, but also with my own personal practice and education.

Starting on May 1st, I will be conducting a personal experiment with my practice and sharing the daily struggle and joy with you. I have challenged myself to practice Pilates 15 minutes a day. (At least…I may go longer if time permits.) Regardless of kid activities, obligations, exhaustion, nursing all night, sneezes or allergies, gassiness, long day of teaching, dentist appointment, etc. Whatever it takes, I will be fitting in at least 15 minutes of Pilates. (You may think this will be an easy mission, but just because I teach at a studio it does not mean I am actually consistently practicing. It is time for me to practice what I teach!) I welcome you all to join me. If you would like to sign up and record your time practicing, maybe I can share some of your experiences as well.

Along with my little personal mission, you will also be hearing different voices from the Springwater Pilates Studio! Students and teachers alike! The Students and teachers at our studio bring in so much joy, energy, love of the practice, experience, personality, kindness, and laughter. It is time for the personalities of Springwater Pilates to shine! We have quite an awesome community that has developed over the years and it will be great to hear from the individuals that spend time at our space!

Join me if you will! Read if you can. Ask the questions you need to ask. Come to a class when time permits.

If you would like to join the 15 Min challenge please send me an email or speak with me at the studio.

Let’s celebrate May!

Thank you. ~ Molly