First Night - 19 minutes completed

Look at those socks!

Look at those socks!

First night ~ 19 minutes Completed.

The first night was hard, but I did it. Getting down to my office at 9:30 after dishes, fixing bandaids and emptying moldy lunch boxes, all I wanted to do was brush my teeth and read. Once I was on the mat I felt a sense of focus and relief. My partner was in the other room working and I heard, “what are you doing?” I did not answer, just continued with my movement and breath. I finished 19 minutes of movement and my body feels well. I did grimace quite a bit, especially with my single leg circles and my piriformis stretch at the end. I thought about how I tell students to “unfurrow their brows”! 

Notice my outfit….I am not in Pilates gear. I am in my old jeans, my partners old shirt and very unattractive socks. I did take my belt off! You don’t need to change into Pilates/yoga gear to do your movement. It is quite possible to move in jeans! 

Good night everyone. How did you do today? 

I am leaving you with a great piriformis stretch that we all need. Click the link below. 

Figure 4/ Piriformis Stretch