I Am Still With You.... Are you with me?

It has been a few trying days , dealing with a sick little one. He just can’t quite beat this ear infection and cold. I have to be honest and tell you that yesterday I did miss my 15 minutes of Pilates. Otis had a fever and I wasn’t feeling well, so I took the 15-20 minutes to take a little snooze. I guess that is the reality of life, sometimes you just have to lay down and rest.

While I have been helping my little guy deal with his snotty nose (check out the sunny picture closely and you can actually see the snotty nose….ewww!) and fever, I have had to carry him all over the place. He hasn’t wanted to be put down and I appreciate the snuggles he needs. This meant that most of my 15 minutes of Pilates was done while standing with an extra 20 pounds on my front or back. I suppose I will be ready to hike this summer. (Hence the picture of me soaking my feet in Epson salt! It really does work and made me feel like I was walking on clouds afterwards. I recommend it!)

I can’t write much today, but I wanted to check in and let you know that I am still here and doing my May challenge. I am hoping to have more time to post about things I wanted to write about as my little guy gets better. Remember, I still want to chat about the Pelvis!

In the meantime, I hope you are finding some time to do Pilates in or out of the studio or any studio for that matter. I will be posting some of the standing Pilates exercises that I have been practicing in a couple days.



Stretchy Band Love!

Many of you have gotten a stretchy band from me from classes. If you have a band, get it out and start using it. One of the easiest props to travel with, keep in your bedside table, or in your purse. So useful and most of you really like when we have stretchy band day in class! If you do not have a stretchy band at home, come see me and I can cut one for you right in the studio.

Above are just a view ideas of what you can do with your stretchy band at home. There are also a lot of videos online if you are looking for more ideas. Stretchy bands make 15 minutes of Pilates a day fun, interesting and super challenging. Have fun!

Monday at the Studio!

Sunny in the studio!

Sunny in the studio!

I consider myself quite lucky to work in such a beautiful studio. After having many 9-5 jobs in offices I must say that coming to this studio every Monday is incredible and I feel very lucky! Our space is lovely, the students and teachers are amazing and I couldn’t be happier with the work I do. When I first started on my Pilates path I wasn’t sure I could be a teacher, could do all the exercises, could move like the teachers and students online or at workshops and in classes, but as I slowly and surely fell in love with Pilates, it became a part of me and my life and here I am!

Our community at Springwater has grown over the years and I feel fortunate to teach so many wonderful, interesting, strong, smart, funny, active, generous, and friendly people. Some students I have known for a long time and others I am just getting to know. It always amazes me how Pilates latches on to people and their commitment grows and grows, changing how they move and take on life.

A student, Karen Malody, who I have the pleasure teaching in mat classes and group reformer classes, has been coming to the studio religiously for a couple years now. She is a busy woman that runs her own business, always is out trying new restaurants and new activities, welcomes visitors and family and is always on the move. Often in class I will have students follow her breath, as she has never been shy with exploring the Pilates way of breathing and can lead rhythmically very well. When she is not in class, she is definitely missed.

Here is what Karen Malody has to say about Pilates:

Pilates has allowed me to retain and grow a sense of inner vigor due to building body strength, balance and flexibility. This contributes to a sense of vitality and spirit as I move through my proud 70’s. Pilates confirms that having a strong mind and body never has to end! And that feeling powerful is the best gift to offer oneself.

Cheers to Karen and all of the students at Springwater Pilates. You all make my job amazing!

Oh and one last thing…..I did get my 15 minutes of Pilates in today. I had a little time before my first client and about 10 minutes before my last clients. I did some work on the roller to keep opening my shoulders and worked my abdominals and balance a bit. I also did some footwork with an air disc under my pelvis to help my tight lower back and help my pelvic floor turn on! Cheers.

If you are still interested in joining my 15 minute a day challenge it isn’t too late. Please email me at pilateswithmolly@gmail.com and I will send you a form to fill out at home. I would love it if you could add some comments to my blog or facebook page charting your reactions, feelings, struggles, etc. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will be adding some more ideas/exercises tomorrow.

Sunny Sunday!

Sunday, May 5th.

Friends have left, baby is down, and my kitchen is clean. I am again doing Pilates in my pajamas, but heck what can I say. When I hit the mat this evening I felt stiff from all the baby wearing I did today. Tight hamstrings, sore lower back, tight shoulders. I recorded myself during the first part of my workout. The second half I did a lot of stretching and focused on my hamstrings, opening my shoulders and moved my lower back to give it some love. What kind of Pilates did you do this weekend?

I can’t believe that it is already Sunday night. A new week, a warm one at that, begins tomorrow. I hope to write about more specific things next week, for instance, why do I always talk about the Pelvis? Why do I like to have you start with Pelvic tilts in class? How am I inspired to teach classes and movement every day?

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to do some Pilates. Please email if you have comments about your 15 minute challenge or any classes you took in the last few days. I would love to share.

Good Night!

The Weekend!

The weekend 

Oh my, who would have thought the weekend would be more challenging than the weekdays.  Last night I stayed up WAY TOO LATE waiting and watching for the Blazers to Kill it!  I was getting ready for bed and still had to do my 15 minutes.  I chose a nice settling workout that I actually did in my bedroom.  It entailed a lot of great stretches and movements for my shoulders, lower back, spine mobility and loosening my long legs.  I will list the work I did tomorrow so you can use it on one of those busy, long days where you realize at 11:00 PM that you haven’t done your 15 minutes yet.

Today I had a little more space and was able to stop in at the studio for a little “me” time.  This is one of the perks working at Springwater.  I didn’t stay long because there were littles waiting back at the house for me, but I did have time to change into some pilates clothes and use the reformer for a bit.  My goal was to do some side leg work.  I was able to get in about 30 minutes.  Above is a short video showing some of the side leg series.  This can be done at home, without a reformer.  You can use a stretchy band or just your legs.  This series is what I always talk about in class as something that you could easily do while traveling or just while your kids or animals are running around.  It is great work. 

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend.  I wonder if any of you have been inspired to do some of your own work at home? It will be interesting what I come up with tomorrow after celebrating Cinco de Mayo and a margarita! Things might get wild! 

Some ideas!

He’s getting heavy!

He’s getting heavy!

Just a really quick mention of one reason I am taking on this challenge for myself. I am a 43 year old mom that has to be able to safely, effectively, and healthily carry this heavy munchkin around…everywhere!  I also have to keep up with my older two kids at soccer games, activities, and just everyday life.  After teaching all day and coming home to house and family stuff, my body is tired and feels the true effects of gravity.  It is my mission to fight this pull.  I need my muscles to support my skeleton so I can successfully move through life.  Heck, I have a soon to be mover, walker, toddler on my hands and I want my Pelvic floor to stay in my body!  

So second day in and it is 10:30 PM on Thursday night and I just finished 15 minutes and 30 seconds on my mat.  Yes, I was counting!  After another long day it was hard to take a moment to roll out my mat and move into Pilates.  I did put on my pajamas so after I type this I can pop into bed.  However, while I was doing my movements I did feel a calming and a bit of brain ease.  After my busy days I must admit it is hard for my brain to shut off.  It seems that doing Pilates for a bit in the evening helps settle things.  Try it….can you see a difference in your mood? 

Today I got to see a lot of you at the studio.  Some of you expressed interest in my little challenge for May.  You asked for some ideas on what to do at home for your 15 minutes of Pilates.  Below I will give you a list of ideas that can help strike some Pilates inspiration.  

First….Get your mat out. If you do not have a mat, a bath towel or blanket works just fine! Heck even just on a rug would work! (No excuses!) 

Start with the basics:

Pelvic Tilts

Leg slides

Shoulder bridges 

Shoulder shrugs

Angel arms (arm circles) 

Marching of the legs in table top

Head into:

100′s (10 breath cycles with pumping arms and stable legs and pelvis)

Roll ups

Single leg circles (bent knee if needed)

Spine Stretch forward

Twists sitting tall

Lay on belly for flight

Come to balance (on all fours) alternate legs and arms for balance

Cat Cow


Roll up and roll down

Side leg series

The exercises listed above would be a good start and maybe you only get through some of them.  Below are a couple links of Pilates websites where you can view videos and take classes.  They both have free trials.  I typically use Pilates Anytime to help me in my home practice. 



Looking forward to hearing some of your experiences! 

First Night - 19 minutes completed

Look at those socks!

Look at those socks!

First night ~ 19 minutes Completed.

The first night was hard, but I did it. Getting down to my office at 9:30 after dishes, fixing bandaids and emptying moldy lunch boxes, all I wanted to do was brush my teeth and read. Once I was on the mat I felt a sense of focus and relief. My partner was in the other room working and I heard, “what are you doing?” I did not answer, just continued with my movement and breath. I finished 19 minutes of movement and my body feels well. I did grimace quite a bit, especially with my single leg circles and my piriformis stretch at the end. I thought about how I tell students to “unfurrow their brows”! 

Notice my outfit….I am not in Pilates gear. I am in my old jeans, my partners old shirt and very unattractive socks. I did take my belt off! You don’t need to change into Pilates/yoga gear to do your movement. It is quite possible to move in jeans! 

Good night everyone. How did you do today? 

I am leaving you with a great piriformis stretch that we all need. Click the link below. 

Figure 4/ Piriformis Stretch


May - Time to Celebrate Pilates


MAY - Time to Celebrate Pilates!

It’s May! Spring time! A time to start fresh, begin new things, and celebrate Pilates. May is officially “Pilates Month” and it is celebrated all over the world with open studios, free classes, and many other fun activities to celebrate this lovely series of exercises that we have all become slightly, to say the least, head over heals for!

This May, I am bringing a bit of my experience to you. I want to share my love of Pilates, from my world, my view….as a busy mom, partner, gardener, cook, chauffeur (just for kids but I would be a great Uber driver!), soccer player (on hiatus at the moment b/c of pelvic floor status), hiker, sometimes yogi, silly, strong, hungry woman, always on the move person.

I know most of you hear me every week explore my love of Pilates, but I want you to know the why, how, where and what. Pilates is such an important part of my life, not only in the teaching realm, but also with my own personal practice and education.

Starting on May 1st, I will be conducting a personal experiment with my practice and sharing the daily struggle and joy with you. I have challenged myself to practice Pilates 15 minutes a day. (At least…I may go longer if time permits.) Regardless of kid activities, obligations, exhaustion, nursing all night, sneezes or allergies, gassiness, long day of teaching, dentist appointment, etc. Whatever it takes, I will be fitting in at least 15 minutes of Pilates. (You may think this will be an easy mission, but just because I teach at a studio it does not mean I am actually consistently practicing. It is time for me to practice what I teach!) I welcome you all to join me. If you would like to sign up and record your time practicing, maybe I can share some of your experiences as well.

Along with my little personal mission, you will also be hearing different voices from the Springwater Pilates Studio! Students and teachers alike! The Students and teachers at our studio bring in so much joy, energy, love of the practice, experience, personality, kindness, and laughter. It is time for the personalities of Springwater Pilates to shine! We have quite an awesome community that has developed over the years and it will be great to hear from the individuals that spend time at our space!

Join me if you will! Read if you can. Ask the questions you need to ask. Come to a class when time permits.

If you would like to join the 15 Min challenge please send me an email or speak with me at the studio.

Let’s celebrate May!

Thank you. ~ Molly